Winter Weather and Remote Learning

January 7, 2021

Good afternoon Franklin. Now that we are in the grips of the winter weather season, I wanted
to inform you of our policy should weather make in- person attendance unsafe. With the district
having the capability of Remote Learning, we will utilize that program to provide instruction on
days when weather prevents students from attending. We will be monitoring our weather apps
to track weather systems as they develop. If a system is identified, and it looks like we may be
out the next day, students will be instructed to take their electronic devices home with them. In
order to give you as much time as we can to plan for unexpected Remote Learning days, we will
notify you by 10 pm the night before if we are going to go remote due to weather. By utilizing
our Remote Learning capabilities, we will not need to extend the school year due to snow days.
As with any plan, there may be unexpected weather events pop up. If that should occur we will
use a traditional snow day.

Thanks again for your support.

Jeff Waggener
Assistant Superintendent
Principal 6-12