Franklin Community Unit School District #1

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Franklin Community Unit School District #1
Where Great Things Happen!

District Vision
The vision of Franklin Community Unit School District #1 is to provide students with a quality education that develops the skills necessary to become productive citizens able to meet future challenges while achieving their full potential as human beings.

Technology Vision

Franklin Community School District #1 is committed to providing every student at Franklin with the materials, knowledge, and skills to become engaged learners, active in their own learning and lifelong learners in a technological world. Teachers and administrators act as facilitators and coaches, and active participants in a multidisciplinary environment. The stakeholders of Franklin CUSD #1 must continue to expand and support the best practices that impact student achievement using instructional technology. They must continue to expand the telecommunication, infrastructures, and information technology systems to provide experiences that challenge students to learn through effective technology integration now and far into the future. Our vision will support instructional technology by giving our staff and students the tools they need to provide and encourage implementation of student‐centered learning and application in the classroom and promote life‐long learning in a technological world.

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Overview of Franklin CUSD #1